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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer is here and you need to find creative ways to keep your kids entertained. Do something kids in your whole family can enjoy.

Ever played with finger puppets?

Kids of all ages enjoy making finger puppets... and young ones will delight in the finger puppet show as well. You can find designs for finger puppets online. Once you find a design you like, follow the directions, print out the pattern, color it, cut it out, and put it together.

Don't limit yourself the patterns online, let your kids make up their own finger puppets out of materials you find around the house. The fun part is the creativity!

Popsicle sticks, pencils, and spoons make a great start for finger puppets. Give the stick character with use of felt, yarn, cloth, paper, buttons, you get the idea!

When you are all done making the puppets, create a stage and help them put on a play with their new actors...

Here's how to make a puppet theater (remember, this needs to be done by a parent for the most part, kids can help with the safe stuff):


Cardboard box
Craft knife
Packing tape
3 tension curtain rods
Construction paper

1. With a craft knife, carefully trim the sides of the box to about 7 inches high.

2. Cut a trapezoidal notch in a longer side, to give the puppeteers room.

3. Using a straightedge, draw a rectangle on the box's bottom for the stage's opening. Try placing it 4 inches from the top and sides and 5 inches from the bottom edge.

4. Carefully cut the rectangle from the box bottom and with packing tape secure the loose edges of the flaps and reinforce weak seams.

5. Cut 4 holes for 2 of the tension rods. Cut one set top middle and the other set botton middle. Every hole needs to be centered in the sidewall and as close to the seam as possible.

6. Decorate the theater. You can do this by covering the whole box with construction paper to hide seams, then decorating it with crayons, sequince, markers, glitter, etc.

7. Thread an old curtain (or any used material) on the third curtain rod and hang it just below the stage.

Decide what play you want to put on and voila! You have a puppet show! Maybe you can help write a play with the kids offering ideas for a storyline.

Have fun!

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