The Playdate Kids Gazette

This blog is dedicated to all of the Playdate Kids Club Members. We will offer fun to read articles, tips for parents, ideas for arts and crafts projects and more!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Welcome to The Playdate Kids Gazette!

Hey kids!

This special weeekly blog is dedicated to all of our readers and Playdate Kids Club Members.

All of us at The Playdate Kids series want to thank you for your support and let you know that through this blog, we hope to reach out to each one of you like an old friend. We will offer fun articles, interesting website links, exciting ideas for arts and crafts projects, tips for your parents and more!

Remember to check out or website at: for new information and exciting changes in the future.

If you have any comments or topic requests, send them to attn: BLOG, anytime! We love feedback.

Enjoy the gazette, Playdaters!

Note to parents: We recommend that you take the time to read the children's blogs outloud to let your children experience the computer and internet. It is good for mental stimulation, reading and writing education and it's also a fantastic way to bond.