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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Moving shouldn’t be as hard as it is…

Moving your family away from a place they call home is not an easy deed. As soon as you find out that you’re going to be moving, you need to talk to your kids. Have a family meeting and let everyone voice their opinions without any judgment or pressure. Do this as soon as possible because the more time they have to deal with the changes, the better they will react once the time comes.

As you start planning to move, consider your kid every step of the way. This can be a difficult time for him or her, and you can definitely make it easier, if not fun, if you play it out correctly.
Some ways to make the moving process fun could be:
  • Letting him or her make goodbye cards for friends with new art supplies
  • Throwing a going away party
  • Letting your kid sell stuff in a fun garage sale
  • Allowing him or her to buy a few new things for the new bedroom
If you can help it, school age kids should not be moved during school holidays. It can make life harder for your kids since school is the best way for your kids to make new friends. If you move somewhere during the school holidays, your kids will be in a new place with no means for meeting new friends. Plus, when school is back in session, your child can have a difficult time making new friends since the other kids are hustling trying to see the friends they have missed since the holiday break.

If you can arrange for the move to occur during the school year, it can allow your kid to leave his or her friends and jump into a new friendship since school is in session and kids are more open and curious about the “new kid in class.” Since there is no pressure about getting back on track, the teacher and students will be more catering to your child. They will be more likely to show your child extra attention.

Last but not least, remember one of the most important keys to parenting-- communication. Well before you move, be sure to encourage your kid to tell you about his or her feelings. Be it good or bad, happy, sad or mad… Offer an ear and do whatever you can to make it better.

Eventually, it will all work out fine! Good luck!

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